Keep Your House Uncluttered With an Online Mailbox and Other Lifehacks

Last update on March 29th, 2022 at 04:18 pm

#1 Keep Postal Mail at Bay

I am always surprised that those who write about keeping your house uncluttered mention that you should get a mail station. Haven’t they heard of virtual mailbox services? A mail station is effective only if your goal is to declutter the dinner table, but what about the rest of the house.

Do you really have time for postal mail, especially if it’s mainly junk? A better life hack to handle snail mail is to keep it outside the house altogether. By that, I don’t mean leaving it to rot at the doorstep. 

Get yourself an online mailbox. It is an unconventional method to handle postal mail. Virtual Mail companies receive and handle mail on your behalf. Every item they receive on your behalf gets scanned, and you get an online notification with images uploaded so you can view items received and manage them online. You can read your mail online if you ask them to scan mail contents for you.

The best part is you can ask them to shred junk mail. That way, you do not waste your precious time organizing postal mail and keeping the dinner table and the rest of the house uncluttered.

#2 Don’t Buy/Keep Items You Don’t Need

Being an addictive shopper is not fun. I learned the hard lesson when my house was cluttery enough to spend the time stuffing cabinets and wardrobes with items that I don’t use simply because they are out of reach. It took me days to clean, remove stacks from one place to another, and then realized that this has to stop. I could spend my time better than that. I started selling items I don’t need and giving other items for charity. 

Nowadays, whenever I go shopping, and I find something that I really like, I instantly visualize my house and ask myself that question, where am I going to put it, and do I really need it? It definitely helps. Also, you want to keep that dress, but it does not fit. Well, if you haven’t used something for a year, you probably won’t need it. Get rid of all that. You will definitely feel happier. 

#3 Be Organized

Organize cabinets and wardrobes so that every item in the house goes somewhere and always keeps items where they belong. Remember, it takes only a moment to put an item where it belongs, but it takes hours to remove piles of items when you clean the house. So take time and don’t just throw your shoes or your bag at the first place you spot. Instead, put everything where it belongs and save yourself time. You will be thankful whenever you are in a hurry and find items where they should be.

#4 Don’t Procrastinate

Of all life hacks, this is the one I personally prefer. Because whatever action you need to take to keep your house organized, you need to take it now. Don’t procrastinate. Piles of clothes, mail, or whatever you keep will make you feel bad about your house and yourself. Seeing these unnecessary piles every day will make you feel guilty. Besides, it is really not healthy to keep useless items in the house. Remember, a cluttery house takes a toll on your health. It makes you feel tired and hopeless.

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