Why You Should Rent a PO Box?

Why Should You Rent a PO Box?

Last update on June 4th, 2022 at 03:02 am

Even with modern technology we’re leaving these days, PO Boxes will be a suitable method for many people. Starting from individuals, families, or even businesses, renting a PO Box can help those looking for privacy and a secure way to get their postal mail.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the good reasons to rent a PO Box. Also, you can find here how to rent a PO Box.

What is a PO Box?

A post office box, also known as a postal box, is a unique address lockable box located on the post office station’s premises. Post office boxes are rented from the post office by individuals or businesses monthly or annual basis. Of course, the cost varies from a country to another.

What are the Advantages of a PO Box?

PO Boxes provide an extensive number of benefits. Here’s a few of them:

  • Permanent address.
  • Home address privacy.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Security and protection for your mail & packages.
  • Your mail is locked with a key or lock combination.
  • Varity of PO Box locations.

What are the Disadvantages of a PO Box?

  • PO Boxes don’t provide a professional address for businesses.
  • PO Boxes work only with USPS mail delivery and not working with any other carriers like DHL, FedEx, or even UPS.
  • You need to check your mailbox regularly to ensure that your PO Box doesn’t overfill.
  • The size of your package needs to fit in your PO Box. If not, USPS will set it aside.
  • USPS charges high costs for mail & package forwarding.
  • If your PO Box is far from your location, you might have to travel many times to check on it.

Why Should You Rent a PO Box?

After we’ve exposed all the advantages and disadvantages of having a PO Box, let’s now discuss the main reasons why you should rent a PO Box.

permanent mailing address

For people who move constantly, a PO Box is a great choice so that they don’t have to change their mailing address for bank statements, bills, or magazine subscriptions. You don’t have to change your mailing address or telling your friends about your new address. You don’t need to update personal information with IRS or any other government services you’re dealing with. A PO Box saving you from changing your mailing address each time you’re moving to a new home.


A PO Box is physically located at the USPS post office station, and it’s secured and locked and accessible only with a key or a lock combination. Some Post Office stations have extended hours and 24/7 access so that you can access your PO Box anytime you need. Your mail/packages are stored securely in the facility, compared to your home mailbox, which any stranger can expose.

Fast delivery

Due to PO Box hosted at the Post Office, your mail will get delivered faster than waiting for it to arrive at your home or office. So it’s another important vital point for PO Box.


Using PO Box will keep your privacy untouched from people who may be able to expose your mail or knowing your home address. Also, that will protect you from identity theft as many people have been hacked by knowing their bill address or exposing their bank statements or any other valuable data that can be found in your mail. In the end, you don’t want strangers to know where you live, so that PO Box will protect your privacy for sure.

Affordable prices

PO Boxes are usually not expensive, and it depends on your PO Box size and Post Office location. Starting as low as $10 for a small box with a reasonable location. Check this article to know more about PO Box renting fees.

Final words

PO Boxes are a good choice for those who move often and don’t want to go through the hassle of changing mailing addresses each time they move. It’s also a great choice to keep your mail secured and your home address unknown to strangers.

However, it’s not the best choice if you are using it to register an LLC or business. And it won’t be a convenient solution if you work and travel remotely. In that case, you might want to consider a virtual mail service.

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