What RV Owners Need to Know About Mail Forwarding?

What RV Owners Need to Know About Mail Forwarding?

Last update on July 29th, 2022 at 07:32 am

Getting postal mail isn’t the easiest task in the world if you’re living in an RV, whether you’re roaming around the country or temporarily fixed in one location. Without a stable street address or PO Box, it’ll be difficult to have mail delivered directly to your RV. However, there are multiple ways to reach your mail and even a better alternative where your mail follows you wherever you go!

To all the RV owners reading this, consider it your personal guide to your postal mail. We’ll go through the easiest way to get mail, how to have it forwarded, and most importantly, what’s the most cost-effective solution.  

Where Will, Your Postal Mail, Be Delivered When Living in an Rv?

Everyone gets the mail, even those on the road all the time. And even if you don’t receive any important mail, you still need a stable address for licensing, permits, and other legal procedures. Here are the main options to get your postal mail

1- Send Your Mail to a Family Member or Friend.

This option is commonly known; a family member or friend can receive your mail or packages and forward them to you. It wouldn’t cost you anything but the forwarding expenses, which are usually just the postage. However, this may inconvenience the person receiving your mail if it’s not a short period. Also, security isn’t guaranteed, and packages can get lost, ruined, or misplaced. So even though this makes a good temporary solution, it’s not a permanent fix. 

2- Rent a PO Box or Mailbox. 

Another option to consider is renting a PO Box in a local area; you’ll have your mail placed at the Post Office, where you can frequently check on it. But you can only accept mail and packages from USPS, no other mail carriers, limiting your mailbox. You can also rent a mailbox at a UPS Store to accept your mail. Again, you’ll have professionals handling your mail, which means fewer packaging mistakes and better care, but this option may be expensive. You also can’t use either of these addresses on documents or as a business address.

3- Use a Mail Forwarding Service. 

And lastly, the most convenient solution is using a mail forwarding service to have your mail sent directly to mail facilities and then forwarded directly to your RV. Of course, the mail forwarding service is just one benefit you get with a virtual mailbox! Almost all virtual mail providers like PostScan Mail, iPostal1, and Anytime Mailbox, offer RV mail forwarding services.

You choose from hundreds of addresses nationwide as your mailing address. Your mail and packages arrive at state-of-the-art facilities then the envelopes are scanned and uploaded to your online mailbox. You can open & scan, shred, archive, or forward any mail piece. And the best part is, you’re no longer restricted to USPS and can receive mail from all carriers like UPS and FedEx too.

How Will You Receive Your Mail?

Now that your mail was delivered, it’s time for you to get it finally. Your mail can be forwarded to your RV Park. First, however, you need to confirm that’s a valid option because it isn’t allowed in some parks, and you need to keep track of your package to avoid security issues. 

If you have a PO Box or UPS mailbox, you’ll have to go pick up your mail yourself. But if you’re always on the move, you can use the general delivery service. This means your mail is forwarded under general delivery to your nearest Post Office, and you can go pick it up. Not all Post Offices have this service, though; please call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) to inquire more about this service and which offices offer it, or if you’re familiar with a Post Office, you can ask them.

And finally, if it’s new territory for you, you can use the USPS Look Up a Zip Code and pull out the closest Post Office to you and their info. 

However, with a mail forwarding service, you decide how it’s forwarded, when, and where! It’s all up to you to decide, your mail or packages will be safely stored for up to 30 days for free until you request it to be forwarded to you. 

How Do I Sign Up for a Mail Forwarding Service?

It’s simple! Choose a provider based on your preferred location and pricing, and select your mailing address. Next, you’ll have to apply for a change of address and fill up a USPS form 1583, which can easily be done with the help of the Account Setup Guide. 

How Much Does Mail Forwarding Service Cost?

The cost of mail forwarding services can start from $5.99 at Anytime Mailbox and $9.99 at iPostal1 while using PostScan Mail can start from $14.99 per month. You can choose based on the available locations and your preferred one and based on pricing.

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