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You Should Use a Virtual Office Address for Your Business. Here’s Why?

Last update on July 19th, 2022 at 02:26 pm

Imagine you’re running an online business, how are you going to handle your business correspondence or register your business if you don’t have a physical business address? We will discuss why getting a virtual office address, also known as a virtual business address, is great for your business.

Many people opt for using their home address for their business registration or using a PO Box. Still, we’ll tell you why both aren’t great options for your business, especially if you’re seeking business image and privacy.

Let’s see how a virtual office address will help your business grow without having an office. This article explains what a virtual business address is (It’s the same thing as a virtual office address), and we’ll use them interchangeably.

First, let’s see why you shouldn’t use your home address or a PO Box, and then we’ll get to the many benefits of a virtual office address.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Your Home Address for Business


You shouldn’t use your home address for your business for many reasons, and the first reason is privacy. If you want to grow your business, you must market your business. You’ll create a website and business cards to share with the world and add your business address (in that case your home address). Are you sure you want to use your home address and advertise it to the whole world? No, you don’t. It’s not safe.

Business Credibility

A home address doesn’t give your business any credibility. And this is one of the many things you should care about if you want to expand your business. It’s not prestigious enough, and many clients may not choose to do business with you. Who do you think people will choose to do business with: someone at an obscure location or a business that looks credible with amazing offices. Don’t destroy your business potential because you chose the more straightforward and not the best option: using your home address. You may choose your home address to save money, but don’t forget what it costs you, your business future.

Loss of Mail Items

When you mix your mail with your business mail, you could lose a lot of mail items, and as a business owner, that’s the last thing you want to do.

Legal Problems

If you’re renting, you may not be authorized to use your home address for your business, and also, you may be exposing your personal assets to risk if your business faces trouble.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a PO Box for Business Address?

Think again if you believe that a PO Box is a better option. While it’s better for Privacy, it still doesn’t convey business credibility. Plus, some couriers don’t deliver to PO Boxes.

What is a Virtual Office Address?

A virtual office address is a virtual business address. It is a business address that you could use if you don’t have a physical address to use for your business. You subscribe to one of the virtual office address service providers out there and you get a virtual address (virtual mailing address) that you can use for business registration (make sure this service is included because it’s not included in all virtual business address providers packages).

You don’t need an office, but you can use a prestigious address to add to your website and business cards and receive your postal mail. In many ways, it’s more convenient to use a virtual business address service than renting an office or using your home to register your business. Let’s see the many benefits of using a virtual business address and the service variations of many providers.

Services of a Virtual Business Address

Real Street Addresses

One of the perks of a virtual business address is getting not just one real street address but many street addresses that you could use for your business. This is a fantastic feature as you could use many addresses for your business without paying for rent, which moves us to the next point.

Business Presence in Multiple Locations

You could establish your presence across multiple locations worldwide. This is one of the great features for small businesses, as the lack of a physical location will not hinder you from expanding to numerous markets across the globe.

Virtual Offices

Remote businesses may not need offices at all, but if for any reason you need office space, whether temporarily or permanently, you could subscribe to a virtual office service where you get access to an office – co-working spaces for your workers or a meeting space for meeting with your clients in addition to some business services like fax, printing, toll-free phone, and a live receptionist to answer and forward your phone calls. Virtual office service providers choose prestigious areas and have offices in many countries worldwide, so you won’t have a problem choosing a virtual office to meet your business needs. Moreover, you will get an office without paying for an expensive office space.

Secure Location for Your Mail

If you don’t have office space, one of the problems that could trouble you is where you would receive your postal mail. This is where a virtual business address comes in. With it, you get a place to receive your mail without any inconveniences. You won’t worry about receiving or losing essential mail items when traveling. This is a fantastic option for frequent travelers.

Online Mail Management

In addition to having someone to handle your mail when you’re away, you get to manage your mail online. This is how it works. A facility will receive postal mail on your behalf at the virtual business address you picked. And through an online application, you get to choose how they handle your mail. They receive mail and packages, open and scan mail items so you can read online, and forward mail that you want to receive to any address you specify through the app. In addition, you can request to shred junk mail, and some facilities will deposit checks you receive into your bank account, in addition to requesting package forwarding.

So, wherever you are in the world, you’ll know about it from your mobile device whenever you receive new mail. It’s like having a digital mailbox with you everywhere you go. This way, you can manage mail like a professional. This is one of the benefits of a virtual mailing address.

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding guarantees that you receive a hard copy of your mail whenever you need it. So, a virtual mailbox will enable you to get your postal mail items delivered to any location.

Step by Step Guide to How It Works?

Virtual Mailbox

So if you need a virtual business address, where do you go? You can get a virtual business address from multiple service providers.

The first way is from a virtual mail service provider like PostScan Mail or Earth Class Mail.

Ask if they offer registration services for your small business. This is important, and it will save you a lot of trouble.

First, you have to sign and notarize a United States Postal Service form permitting a virtual mailbox service provider to receive your mail.

Once you’ve signed the USPS form, you can start using your new address to receive postal mail and packages.

Once you sign up for a new business address, you will get a personal mailbox number by email to add to your new address, it is part of your new address, and it has to appear on mail items addressed to you.

After you pick the number of addresses for your remote business, remember you get to choose a number of extra features or services like getting recipients’ names for your business partners. You can get only one street address, or you can get many addresses.

When you choose an address, there are many plans to choose from. Some offer the storage of physical mail for up to a month. If you receive many mail items, you can subscribe to a premium plan.

Will a virtual mailbox work for you? Why wouldn’t it? You’ll have your business documents and legal documents sent to a secure location.

The best virtual mailbox services are only for those who don’t need a physical business address. This means they don’t need a physical address to conduct their business. They just need a virtual and secure mailing address to receive their business mail for a prestigious business image.

Getting a virtual business address service from a digital mailbox provider doesn’t provide co-working spaces or meeting locations. It’s simply an address to receive business mail.

Virtual Office

Sometimes, in addition to a virtual business address, you will need to use an office, and here’s where a virtual office service comes in. You’ll get a physical address or space where you can hold meetings. In addition, you get a mailing address and mail forwarding.

When you sign up for a virtual business address from a provider that offers meeting and co-working space, you’re asked if you would like to use meeting rooms. If you only need mail handling and a business address, that’s fine, but you can include using their locations if needed.

Same as a virtual mail provider, you need to ask if you can register your business by using their virtual business address.

You start by picking a location. Virtual office services offer locations worldwide.

You need to make sure that you can register your business at the address you pick and if you want to include other services like a receptionist or call answering. It comes with extra fees.

Now, to get a virtual business address, you may be wondering which service provider to choose. Well, it depends on your business needs. If you want someone to handle your mail, then a virtual mailbox service provider will do. On the other hand, if you wish to have access to a location, don’t think about a virtual mailbox. You need a virtual office. Sometimes, both services overlap with some providers. And besides a real street address, a digital mailbox, you can use offices as well (for additional fees).

Benefits of Using a Virtual Business Address

Businesses go for virtual addresses for a reason. It’s a convenient service with a whole world of benefits. Let’s see some of the benefits.

1- Saving Costs

Starting your business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. So, you can get a business mailing address without worrying about renting an office or maintaining it.

2- Registering your Business

Worrying about paperwork and how to register your business is the last thing you want to do when you’re just starting. You want to focus on how to expand your business. So, it’s easier for small business owners to let someone else worry about it.

3- Privacy

As we’ve discussed initially, using home addresses for small business owners is not a great option. So, getting a virtual business address is better than sharing your personal address.

4- Prestigious virtual offices

Even if you can rent an office, you can still get a unique location at a better cost from a virtual office service provider.

Final Words

Whether you get this business address from a digital mailbox service provider or choose a virtual office provider, a virtual business address is a fantastic solution. They both offer virtual business addresses, but you choose based on your business needs. Small business owners love a cost-saving solution, and you would like to.

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