Best Package Forwarding Services for Online Shopping

Package Forwarding Services

Have you ever logged onto an eCommerce website only to discover the store doesn’t ship to your country? You must have sighed, “Oh no, now I have to let go of this amazing product that has caught my eye!” But do you really have to let go? Absolutely not. 

The truth is many eCommerce stores do not deliver goods everywhere. You may therefore need to input a US mailing address before you can make a purchase.

But how does the product get to you since you’re not in the US? 

Through Package Forwarding! 

What Is a Package Forwarding Service?

Package forwarding, or a parcel forwarding service, allows you to shop online from any online store in the US, get the product shipped to a US address, and then forwarded to you wherever you are around the globe. 

Package forwarding is an excellent solution if you’re traveling or live overseas but still desire online shopping from your favorite US store. In summary, location becomes a dissolved obstacle because the parcel forwarding company will offer you a designated US mailing address to which your parcels will first be delivered.

Package forwarding is also sometimes called a forwarding service or parcel forwarding. 

How to Choose a Package Forwarding Service? 

Having seen how package forwarding breaks the barrier of distance and location, you’d likely want to sign up with a forwarding company to start shopping in your favorite US stores. But there are several things to consider when choosing one, including their processes, terms and conditions, pricing, customer experience, reviews, and lots more. 

To make your decision-making less of a headache, we’ve compiled and discussed the best five package forwarding services below. Read on. 

Best Package Forwarding Services

  • Forward2Me
  • Shipito
  • USGoBuy
  • Ship7
  • MyUS

Let’s dive into our list of the best parcel forwarding services. with that in mind

#1) Forward2Me


Forward2Me is a package forwarding company in the UK. On registration, you get a UK mail forwarding address and buy online on UK websites, and get your purchases shipped to your door worldwide. They are typically notable for their customer service and fast shipping time. 


  • Membership is free, meaning you get a UK, Germany, Turkey, and Japan native address at no cost.
  • Forward2me ships from the UK, Germany, Turkey, and Japan.
  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Tax-free UK native address
  • No extra fees
  • Fast and affordable shipping
  • Free 30-day package storage regular (you may also call them for an extension)


  • It doesn’t offer photos of packages 
  • Not as popular as its competitors 


  • You are charged based on package weight—no extra fees.

#2) Shipito


Shipito is one of the best package forwarding services and offers you a new personal US forwarding address. Their service is usually fast, and they offer deliveries to over 220 countries worldwide. Their website is also easy to use. 


  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Ships to over 220 countries (that’s a lot) 
  • Offers free storage for up to 180 days in their warehouse (this is more than the industry standard of 30 days)
  • Offers free package consolidation and repackaging


  • It’s expensive compared to its close competitors
  • To ship more than one package, you’d have to pay $2/package or $10/month if you want to avoid US taxes. 
  • The lowest plan offers only 5 days of free storage


  • Processing fee: $3 for a free account and $2 for the premium membership
  • Assisted purchase: $8.50 fee + 4.3% processing + 8% commission
  • Special requests are $7 for a free account and $5 for the premium membership
  • Overweight packages attract $10.

#3) USGoBuy

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USGoBuy is one of the most prominent package forwarding services and serves customers in over 200 countries. You register and get a US address in seconds. 


  • Free package consolidation and repackaging 
  • 60-day free warehouse storage
  • No monthly fees
  • Tax-Free shipping


  • Photos of packages cost $5 (this service is free for most competitors) 
  • Credit card transactions are charged in your local currency before being converted to USD, which means you pay extra fees for conversion
  • Some customers have complained of a slow response rate and below-average customer service


  • Free membership/registration
  • Personal-shopper cost $10  of the item value
  • Product images: $5/package for 5 photos
  • Return handling $10 plus postage fee
  • Pick-up $1.5/lbs, minimum $10.

#4) Ship7


You can shop online at US and UK stores using Ship7 parcel forwarding service. That means you get either a US or UK address on a registration, depending on your needs. The company has warehouses in West Drayton, UK, New Jersey, and Delaware, USA.


  • Tax-free warehouse in Delaware, US
  • Free membership
  • 60-day free warehouse storage
  • User-friendly website
  • Free consolidation
  • Offers mail handling and scanning
  • Offers personal shopper
  • Free shipping insurance up to $100 value


  • Cannot edit item prices once entered
  • You don’t get system notifications
  • High cost of repackaging 
  • Customer service isn’t very great


  • Additional photos: $2/each or $5 for 3 photos
  • $5 or $2 Repacking fee (on demand) 
  • Express processing: $2/package
  • White glove handling: $2/order
  • Oversized packages $110

#5) MyUS


MyUS is also another excellent parcel forwarding company located in Sarasota, Florida. It offers US and UK shipping addresses, meaning you can also make online shopping in UK eCommerce stores. They provide the regular 30 days of free package storage and typically deliver your forwarded package within 2-4 days.


  • Free 1 month membership and 20% off your first shipment 
  • Get either a US or UK address, depending on proximity to your location. 
  • Free repackaging and consolidation. Discounted rates with DHL, FedEx, UPS, & USPS
  • Tax-free shipping with a US address
  • Has a mobile app


  • The free 1-month plan offers no free storage
  • A bit expensive, although less expensive than Shipito
  • No edits allowed for customs label


  • 1 lbs shipping costs $25.07
  • 2 lbs shipping cost $27.67
  • 4 lbs shipping cost $33.95
  • Basic: No monthly charge
  • Premium: $7/Month
  • Business: $10/Month

How Does Package Forwarding Work? 

As the name implies, the company forwards your product to you after receiving it. 

  1. You register with the package forwarding company and get a personal US or UK address. 
  2. You shop online and input your new US/UK shipping address.
  3. The online store sends the product to that address, and your mail forwarding company receives it. 
  4. The company may store and repackage the product as the case may be and then ship it to your destination country. But, again, pricing varies with the mail forwarding service provider. 

Difference between package forwarding and virtual mailbox service

Package forwarding is often used interchangeably with virtual mailbox service. However, a virtual mailbox service handles mails, which may or may not be forwarded. You can receive mails at a virtual mailbox even while you’re in transit. The service provider scans the mail to you to take action as required. 

Anyway, packages are also often called mails. So don’t be surprised to see virtual mailbox service providers also offering package forwarding and vice versa. 

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So now, you know the best package forwarding services to manage your online shopping packages.

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