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Best Mail Forwarding Services in the UK

Last update on July 3rd, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Businesses and individuals alike need mail forwarding or redirection to manage their incoming mail when they are not around. It is one of the best solutions to handle postal mail online with ease and convenience.

Let’s first explain what mail forwarding is, the advantages of this service, how you can choose what is best for you, and last but not least, we’ll explore the best mail forwarding providers in the UK. It’s time to control your postal mail and manage it online. It’s time you get the perfect street address.

Numerous companies offer mail forwarding services in the UK. Let’s see the five best mail forwarding UK services and some of the features they offer to decide what’s best for you.  

Best Mail Forwarding Services in the UK

 Here are the top mail forwarding services in the UK:

  • Forward2me
  • UK Postbox
  • MyUKMailBox
  • Icon Offices
  • Expost
  • BPM-Lux

#1) Forward2Me


Forward2Me is a package forwarding company in the UK. On registration, you get a UK shipping address and can shop online on UK websites and get your purchases shipped to your door worldwide. They are typically notable for their customer service and fast shipping time. 

Forward2me features:

  • Membership is free, meaning you get a UK, Germany, Turkey, and Japan native address at no cost.
  • Forward2me ships from the UK, Germany, Turkey, and Japan.
  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Tax-free UK native address
  • No extra fees
  • Fast and affordable shipping
  • Free 30-day package storage regular (you may also call them for an extension)


  • You are charged based on package weight—no extra fees.

#2) UK Postbox

UK Postbox homepage

UK Postbox, or The UK’s Online Post Office as they call themselves, is one of the well-known service providers where you can get street addresses in the UK no matter where you are. They offer free and premium UK addresses along with state-of-the-art online mail management.

UK Postbox features

  • Online mail management where you can read and forward mail and packages quickly.
  • Get a free PO Box.
  • Integrations with popular apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., for better mail management.
  • E-Retail Service to sell in the EU.
  • Get Street Addresses at some of the most prestigious locations in the UK.
  • Royal Mail Redirection service for individuals on the move.
  • Business Address with the ability to trade in the UK

UK Postbox Pricing

  • Pricing depends on the address you choose, the location, the number of letters received, letter scans, etc.
  • Packages are paid monthly with fees for extra features.


#3) MyUKMailBox

MyUKMailBox homepage

The keyword for MyUKMailBox is “affordable.” In addition to offering an online mail management system, they provide a fantastic service for those who enjoy shopping: Buy For Me. It is their most popular and unique service.

MyUKMailBox features

  • Buy For Me is for those who love to shop online without encountering “this item is not shipped to your country.”
  • Shipment of oversized items with the option of Air Freight or Sea Freight.
  • Import Service for companies that want to take their business to the next level.
  • Insurance for packages and items so that you know your shipments are in good hands.
  • Store your items for free for up to 60 days so you can forward them whenever convenient without any hassle.
  • Photo Service to be able to see your packages as well.
  • UK Street Address for shipping items to the UK hassle-free.
  • Read and control what happens to your mail through an advanced online mail management system.
  • Parcel consolidation to save on shipping costs.

MyUKMailBox Pricing

MyUKMailBox offers three packages: Starter, Standard, and Premium.

  • For Starter, you pay only for the services you pick with no monthly fees.
  • For Standard, you pay £4.99 per month. It’s their most popular package, and it’s for casual shoppers. 
  • For Premium, you pay £14.99 per month. It’s the plan for frequent shoppers. Additional fees apply for extra services.


 #4) Icon Offices

Icon Offices homepage

Icon Offices has the best virtual mail service for companies. They offer unique office numbers with addresses that you can use to register your business. In addition, they provide an affordable UK company formation price of £5.99.

It’s the best solution to establish your company’s presence in the UK. They offer free multi-currency UK bank accounts and an international money transfer account, free UK landline, VoIP line, 24/7 call answering, and free UK virtual mobile number with call divert and free SMS to Email.

Icon Offices features

  • Enjoy virtual office service and get an office address to register your business and establish your presence in the UK.
  • Free company logo creations and 3 free domains: 2 ( and one for (.UK).
  • Get one Google Ads voucher that is worth £75.00.
  • Get a free website builder for 1 year.
  • Manage, read, and forward your mail online.
  • Forward your mail via post for free

Icon Offices Pricing

Pricing depends on the package you pick. There are four packages (Bronze, Silver – their most popular, Gold and Platinum).

  • For Bronze, you pay £0.99 per week, including VAT if billed quarterly, or £0.88 per week, including VAT, if billed annually.
  • For Silver, you pay £2.99 per week, including VAT if billed quarterly, or £2.31 per week including VAT if billed annually.
  • For Gold, you pay £4.99 per week, including VAT if billed quarterly, or £3.85 per week including VAT if billed annually.
  • For Platinum, you pay £6.99 per week, including VAT if billed quarterly, or £5.25 per week including VAT if billed annually.


#5) Expost

Expost homepage

expost has been in the market for eighteen years, so mail service is what they are good at. Their company name used to be “The Post House,” but nowadays, “expost, expatpost, canalpost, and vanpost are all trading styles of Expost Holdings Limited,  registered in the UK.”

expost features

  • Real UK street address when you register for a virtual mailbox from expost.
  • UK mailboxes in various locations: London, Southern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South Wales, South West, and one in Dublin
  • Fixed pricing from the day you sign up for your account as long as you keep that account.
  • More affordable than Royal Mail
  • Mail forwarding service, parcel forwarding service, and package forwarding with parcel sizes of up to 20kg
  • Virtual mailbox service with the advantage of reading your postal mail online an account through scan and view of selected items feature.
  • Customer service is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide support if any problem arises.

expost Pricing

  • You pay £100 service fees for three months (London Mail Centre – service fee £150)
  • You pay £240 for twelve-month (London Mail Centre – service fee £360).
  • There are no packages with limits. You pay as you go for the services you use.


#6) BPM-Lux

BPM-Lux homepage

BPM-Lux is the ultimate shopping across borders solution. It’s not your regular virtual mailbox company. However, they provide numerous perks at a reasonable cost.


  • Mail forwarding and package forwarding services to get your mail and packages.
  • Read your mail online anywhere.
  • Shop across Borders and get your package delivered to home or pick it up from a convenient location.
  • Get real street addresses in Germany, the UK, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada, and the USA.
  • Plan for success and get access to new international markets for businesses
  • Offer supply chain optimization
  • Provide cross-border delivery

BPM-Lux Pricing

  • They offer virtual mailboxes in 10 countries with prices that start at 5per month and 55annually.
  • You pay for the services you use.
  • For shipping fees, it’s best to check their shipping calculator for details.


Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding is a service that allows you to receive mail or parcels anywhere in the world. A service provider will receive your mail and parcels on your behalf, and then you can decide through an app what happens next. If you want to receive your packages, a service provider will forward them right away to the address you choose. It’s easy, simple, and hassle-free.

The Perks of Mail Forwarding

Snail mail is disappearing, and it’s time you say goodbye to the post office and enjoy the perks of what virtual mail forwarding can offer.

You’ll understand the perks of mail forwarding if you’re a frequent traveler, someone who has changed their street address and lost mail in the process, or someone who needs various addresses to run their business smoothly. 

Let’s see the perks in store for you.

  • You’ll no longer lose your parcels, packages, or letters when you travel.
  • You’ll no longer ask your neighbors to pick your letters for you.
  • You can get to control your postal mail through an app.
  • Keep your real address private and receive postal mail online
  • No more trips to the post office to check your PO Box
  • Say goodbye to uncluttered home and office space
  • Access to a virtual PO box
  • Minimize identity fraud, credit card fraud, or payment card fraud based on any form (redirection form or another form) submitted without your knowledge.

How to Choose the Best Mail Forwarding Service for You

There are many things you must consider when you choose mail forwarding services:

  1. Street Addresses
  2. Pricing
  3. Virtual Office
  4. Shopping
  5. Customer Support

1- Street Addresses

  • It all depends on where you want your street address (in which city) and if you want more than one address.

2- Pricing

  • If you are an individual or frequent traveler, you may want to pick packages with services that you can pay for as you go.
  • You can pay for packages with limited plans if you know the amounts of mail items you receive daily.

3- Virtual Office Services

  • Don’t include this in your plan if you are an individual, as this service is not cost-effective and not suitable for frequent travelers or individuals who want to read their mail and manage it online through any device.
  • A fantastic option for businesses who want virtual mail with a virtual office and a virtual phone line to give credibility to your company without a physical address

4- Shopping  

  • Consider package consolidation and parcel consolidation features to save shipping costs if you are a frequent shopper.
  • Pick Air and Sea Freight service providers for shipping oversized items.

5- Customer Service

  • No matter how much you plan, problems arise. 24-7 Customer service is indispensable for companies where every minute counts for running operations smoothly so that you provide your customers with the excellent service they deserve.

Extra Mail Forwarding Options to Consider:

  • Check deposit, so you don’t need to visit the bank or lose the check while you’re away.
  • Shredding and safe disposal of old mail items so your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Scanning of mail items in color so you can enjoy reading your favorite magazines online
  • Free storage for important mail and parcels so you consolidate items and forward them whenever convenient to save money on postage.
  • Unlimited cloud storage for mail items
  • Different recipients or names for the same address (perfect for companies).
  • Shipper service is convenient for companies that import or export products
  • Affordable consolidation and shipping costs
  • Parcel forwarding with affordable rates
  • Email address and secure account for reading your postal mail
  • Mobile Application for more convenience

Can you redirect mail free of charge in the UK (Redirection)?

Royal Mail offers redirection in the UK. Their prices are £33.99 for three months (add £8.00 extra person fee). For six months, you pay £47.99 (add £9.11 additional cost per person). For twelve months, £68.99 (add £10.00 extra person fees). So, the redirection service is not free of charge.

Redirect your mail (redirection) from Royal Mail is not free of charge in the UK. You can, however, link your Royal Mail account to a virtual address (UK Postbox offers this for free). This way, you can request to scan a specific item and view your scanned mail item anywhere.  

Final Words

Mail forwarding is a fantastic service. It gives you the tools to save your time, change how you work, and get more options when handling mail. You no longer lose mail, and through this service, you can establish your business anywhere without the need for a physical address.

If you don’t think you need this service, think again. You can keep your address private and receive your mail without any delay, and if you change your house, you don’t have to keep redirecting your mail or lose your mail in the process. If you are interested in importing and exporting goods in the EU, don’t think twice about checking the companies on our list. They’ll save you the trouble, headache, and cost of starting a business in the EU.

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