Manage Your Physical Mailboxes

How To Handle Your Mailboxes Efficiently

Last update on April 14th, 2022 at 07:32 pm

Despite email being widely used, traditional mail still holds its importance. Most of your credit card and utility bill statements and other promotional material even come in physical mail.

Discount coupons and offers are a few of the standard post material you receive along with your post and parcels.

Managing your physical mailbox can be challenging, especially if you are traveling or find no time to read it on time.

Tips on How to Manage Your Physical Mailboxes Efficiently

Talk to Direct Marketing Association

If you are fed up with the amount of marketing material you receive in junk mail, you can request Direct Marketing Association or DMA to strike off your name from its database.

DMA has a comprehensive database as it supports multilateral marketing by its members. However, it has a comprehensive program in place allowing anyone to request removing a name from its database.

This virtually ensures that you will stop receiving most of the promotional material.

Convert Postal Mail to Digital Email

You can easily convert your postal mail to digital emails by using virtual mailboxes. Virtual mailbox suppliers collect mail on your behalf and inform you through an email if you have received any mail along with its description.

All you have to do is pick and choose which postal mail you want to receive, and the same will be delivered to you quickly.

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Put Your Mail on a Vacation Hold.

If you are traveling or on vacation, it is possible to ask for a hold on your postal mail. This service, however, is not allowed in every country.

Further, US Postal Service allows the vacation hold for 30 days only. Though this time is minimal, you can use this facility to limit your mail inflow for at least 30 days.

Addressed Mail Only

Though this method may not work, however, if you can place the sign on your mailbox, the chances are that your overall postal mail will reduce.

Writing on the mailbox words like “addressed mail only” or “former resident does not live here” or “no tenants are living here” can ensure that postman will not drop unnecessary mail at your postbox.

Avoid Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are not only expensive, but magazines often sell your information to third parties.

Magazines cross-sell your information to third parties, and large magazines do it frequently.

It is often the case that you can opt-out of giving your information to third parties, but still, some magazines sell out your information to third parties. 

Hire Third-party Services to Get You off the Lists

Besides hiring third party mailboxes, you can also use third-party services to call subscription and other third party multilateral agencies to strike your name off their records.

Against a small fee, they will take over this task and call on your behalf all the agencies which are on their record. Though this service is fee-based, it can be sufficient to get you off the grid.

You can easily manage your physical mailboxes, and above are some of the options available to you. Some are paid, but with proper planning and careful handling of the junk postal mail, you can permanently resolve this issue and receive only the relevant and vital mail.

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