How Long Does Mail Forwarding Last?

How Long Does Mail Forwarding Last?

Last update on July 27th, 2022 at 06:20 am

Choosing to forward your mail may sound simple. However, the USPS mail forwarding service can make it a little bit difficult for you or could be a time-consuming task for your moving checklist. In addition, updating your mailing address can be complicated, starting from getting the right form to fill it out and calculating how long it would take to get your mail.

This detailed guide highlights what you need to know about the mail forwarding service timeframe offered by USPS. Also, You can find in this article How to Forward a Mail Using USPS.

What Kind of Mail Forwarding Options are Available?

There are three different mail forwarding options you need to be aware of before you decide to begin having this service with the USPS:

  • A temporary change of address (TCOA)
  • A permanent change of address (PCOA)
  • Premium forwarding service residential service (PFS Residential)

Temporary change of address (TCOA)

If you choose to change your address temporarily, your mail will be forwarding piece by piece all your mail (first-class mail, newspaper, magazines, etc.) for a period of time.

You can set a time period between 15 days and 364 days. After a set amount of time passed, your mail will no longer be forwarded. Instead, it will be sent to your previous mail address.

A temporary change of address option can be a great solution for those who travel for extended amounts of time or living somewhere else temporarily.

Permanent change of address (PCOA)

A permanent change of address forwarding option basically changes your mailing address on their records completely. USPS forwarding everything all your mail and correspondents that you used to receive at your old address.

Your mail can be forwarded for up to 12 months.

Premium Forwarding Service Residential Service

Your last option for mail forwarding service is the Premium Forwarding Service Residential Service. This service provides a weekly drop-off of all of your mail through Priority Mail. However, it costs an extra fee.

The above options aren’t the only thing you need to consider when using a mail forwarding service via USPS. Along with these three forwarding options, you need to know more about these options:

  • Individual Forwarding: You can go with this one from its name if you only want to forward the mail/packages from one person at an address instead of everyone.
  • Family Forwarding: This option allows you to forward all your correspondents for family (everyone with the same last name) sent to a new address.
  • Business Forwarding: Also, businesses can take advantage of mail forwarding services from USPS. Every piece of mail you used to get to your old address will be forwarded to your new one.

Visiting your local USPS office can be helpful to get more info or details about these options.

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When Does Mail Forwarding Start?

After you choose the option you need, fill out the right forms and pay for the service fees, it usually takes about 7 to 10 business days for your mail forwarding to start working. Of course, it may take longer than that, but in this case, you need to contact your local post office to check if there’s something wrong with your mail forwarding.

How Long Does Mail Forwarding Last?

Like we mentioned before, you’ve two different options to determine how long your mail forwarding will last.

For temporary mail forwarding from USPS, you can schedule your forwarding between 15 and 364 days starting from the date you request your correspondents be forwarded.

While permanent mail forwarding service can give you up to 12 months of forwarded mail from your current address to the new one.

You’ll get a notice from the USPS to your mailbox a week or two ahead of the mail forwarding ending to notify you that your forwarding service is coming to a close.

After that, you can decide to extend your period or can let it ends automatically.

You can also choose to forward your mail more efficiently by signing up to a mail forwarding service provider like PostScan Mail, Anytime Mailbox, or iPostal1. Check the full list here.

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