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Forward2Me Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Alternatives

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Shopping in your favorite online store can be an exciting experience. But what happens when you realize that the store cannot ship a purchased product to your desired destination? Do you back out and shop elsewhere or forget about the product entirely? Rather than do any of these, you can use the services of a package forwarding company.

Forward2me is one of the best package forwarding services in the U.K. However, before you jump in and sign up for their shipping services, it’s best you know who they are, how they operate, and how they compare to others. Below is a comprehensive review of Forward2me.

What is Forward2me?


Forward2me is a package forwarding company that helps online shoppers ship items purchased from a UK website to their desired destination.

As a UK-based forwarding company, Foward2me offers online shoppers U.K. addresses where they send their packages for inspection, repackaging, and shipment to any destination.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Forward2me also provides online shoppers with an address in Germany, Japan, and Turkey. They also have a tax-free warehouse in Guernsey. But unfortunately, the service provided forwarding package doesn’t extend to the US.

How Does Forward2me Work?

Forward2Me helps online shoppers ship purchased products from the United Kingdom to any destination worldwide. For more clarity, here is how they work:

Step 1: You sign up

After signing up to Forward2me through their website, you’ll be given a permanent UK, Germany, or Japanese address, depending on where you intend to shop.

Step 2: You order your goods

After creating an account, visit your favorite U.K. website or E.U. stores like Amazon U.K. and shop for your goods. After shopping, request that the goods be sent to the Forward2me UK address.

Step 3: Forward2me receives your parcel

After receiving your package, it is checked by the staff to ensure that it doesn’t contain illegal items before being shipped to your forwarding address. Afterward, an email is sent to you to let you know when it arrives.

Step 4: Your package is shipped

You’ll need to log in to your Forward2me account and choose the courier of your choice. After that, you can make payment with a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer account—whichever suits you.

If payment is made early, before 11:00 am U.K. time on a business day, your package will leave the U.K. straight to your destination that day.

Step 5: Your package gets to your doorstep

Forward2Me is known for its fast delivery. Hence, your package should arrive at your doorstep within 1 to 4 working days from when it left their warehouse. However, this timeframe can vary depending on factors like the courier you use, customs processes, or delay in organizing documents.

Plus, you may have to pay customs charges depending on the final destination. Also, note that upon receiving the package, you must sign to confirm that you received the package.

Tracking your Parcel

You can track your parcel while you wait for it. However, the tracking method depends on the courier you use. For instance, if you use Royal Mail, you can do that via your Royal Mail tracking number.

For DHL, the tracking methods include mail, online text message, or phone. Contact the carrier directly or customer agents personally via phone line if you encounter any issues.

Forward2me Features

Before signing up for Forward2me, you may want to know about their features to see what you stand to gain or how they compare to others.

  • Tax-free U.K. native address.
  • Membership is free.
  • Tax-free U.K. Address.
  • Trusted customer support that’ll continuously support you.
  • Ship internationally from the UK, Germany, Japan, and Turkey.
  • Ships internationally to more than 200 countries.
  • No extra fees or courier admin fees. Customers are charged based on the weight and dimensions of their packages before they are delivered internationally.
  • Can ship dangerous goods.
  • Access to Japan warehouse address, Germany warehouse address, U.K. warehouse address, or Turkey warehouse address.
  • Trusted customer service and quality customer experience agent.
  • Couriers include DHL, FedEx, DPD, TNT, Royal Mail, UPS, and Parcel Force.


  • 30 days of free storage
  • Fast service
  • Offers return service
  • Customer experience team, including customer service agents nica and senior customer experience agents
  • Offering Amazon and eBay Marketplace services so businesses and individuals can sell through eBay UK and Amazon U.K. without difficulties
  • Return handling and processing are done by Forward2me’s staff ( prices differ per warehouse location)
  • Excellent repack service
  • Affordable service fee
  • Offer free consolidation for customers looking to save money.
  • Easy process for getting shipping details input 


  • Parcels accepted with only one name registered to an account
  • Personal shopping allowed in the U.K. alone
  • The photo fee is quite expensive
  • No details on custom requests like removing shoe boxes, testing a purchased device, or processing a return

Forward2me Pricing and Shipping Costs

Forward2me doesn’t have a standard pricing (freight cost) or final price for its services. The pricing and shipping costs for prepping and shipping your packages can be determined via an in-built shipping calculator on their website.

Factors like the actual weight and dimensions of your packages often play significant roles in determining the final shipping costs of your packages. Forward2me also charges volume weight (if the shipment is sent by air). Check their website for more detail.

Special Handling Fees

Forward2me doesn’t have special handling fees, at least not yet. However, you should note that while many package forwarding companies don’t ship restricted items like engine oil, paint guns, asbestos, adhesives, batteries, and all that jazz, Forward2me does. But it depends on the product, product size, and destination country.

What Customers Say About Forward2me’s Parcel Forwarding Service?

Forward2me review

Customer reviews on Trust Pilot—a popular review website—indicate that people are satisfied with Forward2Me package forwarding services. Most of the reviews, made by happy customers, focused on their excellent customer service, while others sang praises of their great international shipping service.

The lovely feedback from Forward2me customers is a reason why you should try out their great service.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Forward2me

Can forward2me be trusted?

Yes, forward2me can be trusted. However, a few users who used terms like “rubbish company” in their reviews advised against trusting them with valuable goods. But overall, you can trust forward2me to arrange delivery of your parcel to your doorstep with no hassle.

Is forward2me legit?

With a five-star rating of 82% on trust pilot and a large customer base, it is safe to say that forward2me is legit. You can trust them with your packages.

Is forward2me a reliable service?

Yes, forward2me is a reliable package forwarding company that offers high-quality service. The package forwarding company boasts staff who work tirelessly to ensure your package gets to you anywhere worldwide—in time and intact. They also make the pretty intense process of shipping packages over long distances look easy.

Is forward2me safe & secure?

Forward2me is one secure package forwarding company. They have staffs who see that your parcels are safely stored, inspected, and shipped to your desired destination. Their hands-on staff also offers continuous support should you encounter shipping issues.

How do I pay for shipping?

Forward2me accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. You can also use your Forward2me account balance to pay for shipping.

What items can I ship?

Forward2me can ship most items, including electronics, clothing, toys, and household items. However, there are restrictions on certain items, such as hazardous materials and weapons. Check the Forward2me website for a complete list of prohibited items.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes, Forward2me provides tracking information for all shipments. You can track your package on the Forward2me website or through the carrier’s website.

Forward2me Alternatives:



Forward2Me has warehouses conveniently located in countries like the U.K., Turkey, Japan, and Germany. They offer free Tax-free U.K. addresses, 30 days of free storage, eBay collection service, and on your request, Forward2me can be your personal shopper — shouldering all the hassle of shopping online.

Forward2me is ideal for online shoppers looking for a straightforward way to ship restricted goods. However, if you are looking for a company that offers more free storage, Shipito is your best bet.

Shipito is another parcel forwarding company popular in the United States. Unlike Forward2me, Shipito boasts warehouses in different U.S. locations. Unfortunately, they only have one warehouse outside the U.S.—the Rastenfield warehouse in Australia.

Shipito offers more free storage than Forward2me (180 days for their Nevada warehouse and 90 days for others) and additional services like free repackaging, pictures of incoming packages, a reward program, mobile apps, etc. Like Forward2me, Shipito can be your personal shopper.

Planet Express


If you are looking to shop from the Japanese market, you may need a Japanese forwarding address should the online store you shop in have shipping restrictions.

Forward2me offers users addresses in Japan, Turkey, Germany, and the U.K. In addition, they ship worldwide to over 200 countries within 1 to 4 working days. Free services offered by Forward2me include package consolidation and storage. Paid services include photos, consolidation and repackaging, insurance, eBay collection service, return handling, and personal shopping.

While Forward2me features and perks are commendable, Planet Express remains the best for those looking for an amazing parcel forwarding service with pocket-friendly service fees.

Located in the United States, planet express offers customers free U.S. and U.K. addresses. They also offer 10 free days of storage (for the free plan) and 45 days of storage (for the paid plan). Unfortunately, customers have to pay a token of $5 to access their tax-free USA address in Oregon.



Forward2me and Stackry are two great package forwarding companies. Though they offer similar services, both boast different unique features. Forward2me, for instance, offers users a warehouse in Germany, Turkey, the U.K., or Japan, making them ideal for an online shopper who wishes to shop in these countries.

Stackry, on the other hand, has just one tax-free address in the U.S., And like Forward2me, they offer numerous shipping options. However, when it comes to free storage days, Stackry offers more (45 days).

But while Stackry ships to 190 countries, Forward2me ships to over 200, giving them a wider coverage. Both Stackry and Forward2me ship dangerous goods. If you intend on shipping such goods, you can compare their prices to see which suits your budget. 


MyUS Reviews

Forward2me will always have the edge over many package forwarding companies thanks to their presence in Japan, Turkey, Germany, and the U.K. Unfortunately, they lack a warehouse in the U.S., making MyUS the best option for customers who shop from online stores in the U.S.

Like Forward2me—founded a little over a decade ago—MyUS offers free consolidation and repackaging. Plus, they have a mobile and shopping app and offer customs declaration services. MyUS also help take the burden of online shopping off customers’ shoulders. All these features make them pricey compared to Forward2me.

We recommend Forward2me for online shoppers looking to ship heavy or dangerous items and those looking for a customer service team that offers an immediate response.


Are you unhappy paying hefty fees to a courier that offers awful service? Would you happily spend on a perfect alternative that suits your shipping needs? If so, Forward2me is your best bet.

Forward2me is ideal for online shoppers looking for an easy way to ship purchased products ( dangerous ones, too) from retailers who don’t offer international shipping.

You can also use their service if you need addresses in Germany, Turkey, the UK, and Japan. However, we advise looking elsewhere if you need an affordable package forwarding company that offers great package forwarding service. Kind regards from us as you make your choice!

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